Comparing FORTNITE Butter Robot vs TV Show Butter Robot (Rick and Morty x Fortnite)

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Comparing FORTNITE Butter Robot vs the original Rick and Morty Butter Robot.

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  1. Korg the Gladiator
    Korg the Gladiator
    2 giorni fa

    Rick sounds like Trevor from GTA V

  2. LaneFrostRCB Ps4
    LaneFrostRCB Ps4
    27 giorni fa

    What is my purpose OMG Bruh I remember this episode like bruh the butter robot only had one scene

  3. Jac0bs Cz
    Jac0bs Cz
    28 giorni fa

    *WoW, It'S gUy FrOm FoRtNiTe!*

  4. Son Goku
    Son Goku
    Mese fa

    1 day I’m gonna turn into the kid from dexters laboratory and make my own butter bot or I’m thinking to hard

  5. PaoloGamer 27
    PaoloGamer 27
    Mese fa

    Welcome to the Club, pal

  6. Psyche
    Mese fa

    This is real?

  7. marcus serio
    marcus serio
    Mese fa

    Tambien hubieran incluido el rifle dispara tomates

  8. i want toe die
    i want toe die
    Mese fa

    I've lost hope in humanity. We've peaked, and now we're going downhill.

    1. 11 Year Old Bluey Fan
      11 Year Old Bluey Fan
      5 giorni fa

      One: you’re picture is fall guys and it’s dead Two: AMOGUS IS DEAD ASWELL >:o

    2. Mom Dad’ I’m AMOGUS
      Mom Dad’ I’m AMOGUS
      Mese fa

      FallGuys seems to Somehow stay alive I wonder why

    3. Hydro Flame
      Hydro Flame
      Mese fa

      How your picture is fucking fall guys your the reason it's going downhill

  9. Frederick king
    Frederick king
    Mese fa

  10. That guy Victor
    That guy Victor
    Mese fa

    why the intense music?

  11. Bas & Cecylia Vermond
    Bas & Cecylia Vermond
    Mese fa

    Welcome by the club phale

  12. red ribbon
    red ribbon
    Mese fa

    Butter robot:What is my purpose Me:You do nothing but sit on my back in a free battle royal game Baby groot: yeah welcome to club pal

  13. Master J’s mind
    Master J’s mind
    Mese fa

    POV: ricks noazy not lazy and lazy

  14. YEET BOI
    Mese fa

    I hate how there’s probably people here just because “oh I play fortnite and don’t watch rick and morty I know what this is all about”

  15. WilliamBot
    Mese fa

    What is my purpose

  16. Mecha Gaming
    Mecha Gaming
    Mese fa

    "What is my purpose?" "You are a backbling." "Oh my god."

    1. Notorious Beefy
      Notorious Beefy
      Mese fa

      when is pickle rick back pack out

  17. Joshua White
    Joshua White
    Mese fa


  18. Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh
    Mese fa

    This just makes me hate fn even more😐

    1. Jackal
      Mese fa

      Can you shut up?

  19. Liz Munoz
    Liz Munoz
    Mese fa


  20. Luigi
    Mese fa

    Welcome to the club pls the butter robot feelings pain and sadness

  21. Fabián Nuñez
    Fabián Nuñez
    Mese fa

    One question, what Butter Robot this pet backpack 😃 or not 😕

    1. TwilightAngel04
      Mese fa

      it's a back bling

  22. Mr clean
    Mr clean
    Mese fa

    I love Rick and morty lolol

    1. Big_Brainer 11
      Big_Brainer 11
      Mese fa

      you've never watched it

  23. Bubba Kaye
    Bubba Kaye
    Mese fa

    Why can't snowball be a back bling

  24. Jorge Monge
    Jorge Monge
    Mese fa


  25. Luis Trochez
    Luis Trochez
    Mese fa

    shows robot in fortnite: intense music

  26. AJ's Wonderful World
    AJ's Wonderful World
    Mese fa

    Wow, they managed to ruin 2 things at the same time.

    1. Notlost536
      Mese fa

      It's a video game

    2. IAmPatient
      Mese fa

      It’s not like you even watch Rick and Morty

  27. Nuclearboi personal acc
    Nuclearboi personal acc
    Mese fa

    They really interpreted the style of the show very nicely in 3D.

    1. Fatal Shot Gaming
      Fatal Shot Gaming
      29 giorni fa

      @red ribbon Exactly people are such simps

    2. Nerdtastic
      Mese fa

      The characters are from cartoons Fortnite: CEL SHADERS yet the borderlands skin had no cel shading.

    3. red ribbon
      red ribbon
      Mese fa

      What by using cel shading that they didnt even do right ? Yeha massive accomplishment

  28. Thunderpants
    Mese fa

    You’ve lost subs since I last saw u 😔😕

    1. randomChievos
      Mese fa

      has been a bit slow the last month or two but the last week was pretty crazy for new subs.

  29. Thunderpants
    Mese fa

    You really like Rick and Morty don’t you 😅

    1. Thunderpants
      Mese fa

      @randomChievos 😄 yeah same here!

    2. randomChievos
      Mese fa

      yeah, pretty excited for this crossover haha.

  30. RyanF7
    Mese fa

    Fortnite’s butter robot purpose: pass the butter to any sweats, players, hostile NPC’s, bosses, IO guards, Aliens or anything that is behind Rick Sanchez

  31. ꧁ᗩᒪᖴIᗴ ᗰᑕᒪᗴOᗪシ꧂
    ꧁ᗩᒪᖴIᗴ ᗰᑕᒪᗴOᗪシ꧂
    Mese fa

    Its the thing from Fortnite!!!!

  32. Al Calavicci
    Al Calavicci
    Mese fa

    And now the bot has a brand new purpose 😁

  33. RealEquinox
    Mese fa

    TV show Butterbot : pass the butter Fortnite Butterbot : Serve some butter to any hostile players/aliens or whatever thing that is behind Rick

  34. Salvador Pino
    Salvador Pino
    Mese fa

    Me esta dando crinch el fortnite

  35. Lambdrey
    Mese fa

    The robot did not raise, but pulled the butter.

  36. Jayden Dodds
    Jayden Dodds
    Mese fa

    butter robot: what is my purpose rick: pass the butter

  37. Ideal Flaze
    Ideal Flaze
    Mese fa

    This collab is my favorite

  38. Нуб Денис Телефон
    Нуб Денис Телефон
    Mese fa

    Please make Evolution of map

    1. Нуб Денис Телефон
      Нуб Денис Телефон
      Mese fa


    2. randomChievos
      Mese fa

      Will be coming, but probably in the middle of this season

  39. KoopKiris
    Mese fa

    I like the concept of you posting clips of Rick and Morty so a slightly younger audience can learn a little bit about it

    1. Nightly
      Mese fa

      Yeah I don’t think it’s a show for kids which is why I’m confused they’re promoting it so heavily on game where mostly kids play

    2. KoopKiris
      Mese fa

      @king_noob2👑 at the very least, the game is directed towards kids. I mean there's an entire line of Fortnite nerf guns

    3. king_noob2👑
      Mese fa

      @KoopKiris i don't think so tons of them are actually adults and the little kids always cuss me out for killing them

    4. KoopKiris
      Mese fa

      @Pana Lux it's a bit too mature for most of fortnite's playerbase

    5. Pana Lux
      Pana Lux
      Mese fa

      Well, I think they should watch the series it's pretty cool. By the way I'm watching it for the second time.

  40. Ido Kruizenga
    Ido Kruizenga
    Mese fa


  41. Derpy_Noobs
    Mese fa

    I am ready for the give-away

  42. gail durapau
    gail durapau
    Mese fa


  43. Skid
    Mese fa

    Hello randomChievos GG

    1. Skid
      Mese fa

      @randomChievos What?

    2. randomChievos
      Mese fa

      Hey Skid :)

  44. RadolaX
    Mese fa

    cool video

  45. Stealth Gaming
    Stealth Gaming
    Mese fa


  46. Volutedsauce
    Mese fa

    Omg they put the butter robot into the show.

    1. Beryl Esparaguera
      Beryl Esparaguera
      Mese fa

      Are you saying that rick and morty put the pass the butter bot into the show from rick and morty? Because.... uh well rick and morty did it first

    2. randomChievos
      Mese fa

      Exactly 😁

  47. Dark wolf
    Dark wolf
    Mese fa

    Heck yeah

  48. Mist_MonsterHead
    Mese fa

    tomorrow is the moment where I finally win a giveaway? Thoughts?? it’s my time to shine maybe?

  49. Ink Bendy
    Ink Bendy
    Mese fa


  50. M_K_kingYT
    Mese fa

    Who is ready for the giveaway tomorrow ?🙋‍♂️

    1. Toon Kit
      Toon Kit
      Mese fa

      I hope i win

      Mese fa

      It's a scam lol

    3. Derpy_Noobs
      Mese fa

      @M_K_kingYT 👍

    4. M_K_kingYT
      Mese fa

      @Gamingwith Crisp you will see tomorrow

    5. Gamingwith Crisp
      Gamingwith Crisp
      Mese fa

      What giveaway

  51. randomChievos
    Mese fa

    🔥🔥Rick and Morty *Giveaway* Tomorrow.... Info on Discord - 🥒 Rick and Morty PLAYLIST - --------------------------------------------- 🥒 Rick's UFO Cruiser Fortnite vs TV Show 🥒 Toxic Rick Fortnite vs TV Show 🥒 Rick Dance TV Show vs Fortnite -