THE TRIALS OF KING KALI (YawaSkits, Episode 92)

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    1. James S. Haruna
      James S. Haruna
      Mese fa


    2. GHEN TECH
      Mese fa

      @yawa, are you done with ghost and trapped? Will love more of those

    3. Faith_goodfriday
      Mese fa

      We are waiting oo today is Friday

    4. Latoya Callender
      Latoya Callender
      Mese fa

      He's the best!!!

    5. Rabo James
      Rabo James
      Mese fa

      Kalistus you are funy

    9 giorni fa

    I'll take the chicken and leave 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. GSC Media
    GSC Media
    10 giorni fa

    God will punish food... Love you from Tanzania🇹🇿🇹🇿

  4. Clay Lewz
    Clay Lewz
    10 giorni fa

    Chicken man hahahaha

  5. Daniel Ajoum
    Daniel Ajoum
    11 giorni fa

    I wonder why he still look skinny 🤔 while eating chicken day in day out

  6. musha gipson
    musha gipson
    14 giorni fa

    when he see chicken and rice.. it's over😂

  7. Lovet
    15 giorni fa

    🤣🤣🤣 try King Kali with everything, but not food

  8. Alan Masenge
    Alan Masenge
    16 giorni fa

    Not food lol 😂

  9. David Nicky
    David Nicky
    17 giorni fa

    Waoow...things must be pretty tough if this is true reflection of the country's situation. Life is must be hard in #Africa

  10. Druiscillah Bosibori
    Druiscillah Bosibori
    18 giorni fa

    The one that kalistus said "God will punish food"😄😄😄😄

  11. Basha
    20 giorni fa

    Now I started to notice this guy is a hero keep working hard

  12. Onu Callistus Emezie
    Onu Callistus Emezie
    21 giorno fa

    My name sake like food eeh but chicken na everything to him

  13. Anthony David-Ubi
    Anthony David-Ubi
    22 giorni fa

    This time it's not Kallistus fault.

  14. ideahouseofcomedy
    22 giorni fa

    This lady is stupid, just for food

  15. Abborrow TV
    Abborrow TV
    22 giorni fa


  16. Bruno Tata
    Bruno Tata
    26 giorni fa

    Much love 😍 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  17. Zuri Baby
    Zuri Baby
    29 giorni fa

    No but he lost only 1😤

  18. Aliyu Bugaje
    Aliyu Bugaje
    Mese fa

    After seeing that money I know the next thing is chicken 😂😂

  19. Dodly_B*
    Mese fa

    This episode is not fair I swear

  20. Dodly_B*
    Mese fa

    At first I thought Boma was the one to spoil the game...immediately I saw the maid den I said "hay! "IT'S OVER"

  21. Fred
    Mese fa

    Kalistus kryptonite will always be food! lol

  22. Barry Golden
    Barry Golden
    Mese fa

    Kalistus keep it

  23. Peter percy
    Peter percy
    Mese fa


  24. Joel Innocent
    Joel Innocent
    Mese fa

    Not a strong reason to deny him the job🙄

  25. Aondohemba Patience
    Aondohemba Patience
    Mese fa

    Is the boys matching and touching the bears for me,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Amosu James
    Amosu James
    Mese fa

    The woman fall my hand jor, what's so special about the food that can't be served to a job applicant, Kali no worry, you shall live to eat another chicken some other day.

  27. Juma Sabour
    Juma Sabour
    Mese fa

    Kalistus you fail in small thing just for chicken and rice. hahhah

  28. Ogonna Okoye
    Ogonna Okoye
    Mese fa

    Hi Chioma

  29. Brilliantplay1
    Mese fa

    Let's not get carried away. The woman in question, pictured in white and black serving pancakes at the Worlds-Fair in Seattle Washington as an (employee) for Quaker Oats was taken in 1906. There are elements in the picture that have been edited; such as the woman's hair and head wrapping. In 1906 there was no country called Nigeria and no such nationality. The picture only proves that there was a diverse group of Africans from the many tribes of Africa, that were educated in the old world, that crossed the ocean who were privileged to be a part of the (black-flag) and a young nation called America.

  30. Tupopila Hamwe
    Tupopila Hamwe
    Mese fa

    Kalistus can never leave that chicken

  31. Don wezly Comedy
    Don wezly Comedy
    Mese fa

    The kid part got me 😂

  32. Lou B
    Lou B
    Mese fa


  33. Stan Lee
    Stan Lee
    Mese fa

    I knew this is where he will lose 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. dorothydandridge
    Mese fa

    I don't blame kalistus. How was he supposed to know?

  35. Virginia chileshe
    Virginia chileshe
    Mese fa

    God will punish food ooo 😂😂😂

    Mese fa

    I knew the friend would be Boma...Hahahaha 🤣

  37. Fuzzion_Elite
    Mese fa

    Ok this one was honest mistake naw. Ohhhmmmmmm. Na ordinary food go make him fail. This is not fair ooooooo

  38. Riches Ohans
    Riches Ohans
    Mese fa

    We’re is today’s skit Kalistus

      Mese fa


  39. Raphael Abraham Apeke
    Raphael Abraham Apeke
    Mese fa

    This guy is a really good actor, his facial expressions alone are enough to tell the whole story.

  40. Shintoho Aondover
    Shintoho Aondover
    Mese fa

    When they brought the food I said "them don catch am"

  41. Angelina Mary
    Angelina Mary
    Mese fa

    Waiting for your today video

  42. axmed ibrahim
    axmed ibrahim
    Mese fa

    I wonder you are using this shirt more than a decade hahahah yawa yawa, kali kali hahahah

  43. Young Fellow
    Young Fellow
    Mese fa

    But at least he shouldn't have been sacked considering all the hard test that he passed. Anyway it a lesson for him to learn from his excessive addiction to chicken 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    Mese fa

    Food and Kali are inseparable. #fact101😂😂

    Mese fa

    King Kali 😂😂❤️❤️✌️

  46. Peter ibrahim
    Peter ibrahim
    Mese fa

    That moment when he said "these people are nice ooh" I knew his weakness had no limit. You are the King of Skit Kali.

  47. Eze Darlington
    Eze Darlington
    Mese fa

    I'm not a baby 😂😂😂 I'm not Boma

  48. Alexander Tolmatskiy
    Alexander Tolmatskiy
    Mese fa

    When the cook says well-done he thought the food was meant for him

  49. Ken Senberg
    Ken Senberg
    Mese fa

    well this isnt all that realistic because because we Nigerians always welcome people with food be it anybody. and cmon it not that bad if he eats lol

  50. Murs Day
    Murs Day
    Mese fa

    at times this guys just run out of content.... i think this the worst video i have seen soo far... no creatively at all

  51. Stephen Mburu
    Stephen Mburu
    Mese fa

    Kalistus you always make my evenings. I am hooked on your comedy 100%. Sending love from Kenya and can't wait for the King to find his queen.

  52. Brandy & Candy
    Brandy & Candy
    Mese fa

    i'm with kali on this one it was not his fault at all

  53. Rose Mark
    Rose Mark
    Mese fa

    🤣🤣when it comes to food that's his weakness

  54. Solange Ngie
    Solange Ngie
    Mese fa

    Hahaha kali and food

  55. Craig Sullivan
    Craig Sullivan
    Mese fa

    sorry I dont want to forget Philo she is great too very funny as well

  56. Craig Sullivan
    Craig Sullivan
    Mese fa

    Hi hello King Kali I love watching your skits you and your friend Boma are so funny I live in California United states one thing I want to say please bring back Your Queen please use her more often in your shows I think she is very funny too I also think she is so very Beautiful Please keep making your skits you and your group are funny thank you good bye

      Mese fa

      Thank you. We appreciate you. We are working on it. Let's keep our fingers crossed ❤️❤️❤️

  57. Wynnie Mwambi
    Wynnie Mwambi
    Mese fa

    I dislike a video and like it again lol😂😂👎👍, because kali never disappoint, but the ending was not God, if it was part of the test we could understand...

  58. Malcom Moyo
    Malcom Moyo
    Mese fa

    King Kali😹😹

  59. Mangkhansang Mate
    Mangkhansang Mate
    Mese fa

    Shes too hot

  60. Justice Fullah
    Justice Fullah
    Mese fa

    I tell you LA 😀😁

  61. Soita Gerald
    Soita Gerald
    Mese fa

    God will punish food oh 😂

  62. Ace Hardware 1477
    Ace Hardware 1477
    Mese fa

    Cali actually said thank you to confirm if the food was meant for him. Alas! It wasn't 🤣🤣

  63. Ravio Majokko
    Ravio Majokko
    Mese fa

    😂 This is by far the closest he has ever got to get a job 😂😂

    Mese fa

    nice one

  65. Koko - Tegwolo Comedy TV
    Koko - Tegwolo Comedy TV
    Mese fa

    The lady is stupid! Let's see if she can be lucky to find someone like kalistus

  66. Nicholas Ango
    Nicholas Ango
    Mese fa

    King kali says is it you or your sister that cook this food 🥘 🍗 🍗😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  67. Emmanuel Tettey
    Emmanuel Tettey
    Mese fa

    When he turned around to the money 😁😁😁😏

  68. Racheal Ada
    Racheal Ada
    Mese fa

    Am not a baby

  69. Priddy Maps
    Priddy Maps
    Mese fa

    kali of all temptation food disqualify you

  70. Oscao Tm
    Oscao Tm
    Mese fa

    They way Kalistus respect chicken b4 biting ehhhn

  71. 2f comedy
    2f comedy
    Mese fa

    Nice work BOSS. Can we work together please 🙏

  72. Misil Granmet La
    Misil Granmet La
    Mese fa


  73. David Okon Peter
    David Okon Peter
    Mese fa

    Oga Kalitus I Love Your Style

  74. An Ounce of Inspiration
    An Ounce of Inspiration
    Mese fa

    In all fairness, the girl made it look like its for him🤣. Poor Kali

  75. Jonah Okpabi
    Jonah Okpabi
    Mese fa

    The Woman was so unfair. It was not Kali's fault. Anyways i've learnt my lesson. Whenever Im booked for an interview, I will confirm from the interviewer if the food is mine.

  76. Folorunsho Oluwadamilare
    Folorunsho Oluwadamilare
    Mese fa

    Is it a must for Kali to weigh a chicken before eating it 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  77. Jeancy Mungedi
    Jeancy Mungedi
    Mese fa

    King Kali, he always come out with great scripts, the Girl even said you're welcome😂😂😂 You're the Best Man

  78. Nas Nassh
    Nas Nassh
    Mese fa

    is over

  79. Kimpembe
    Mese fa

    Chicken 🐔 🐔 can resist kalilistus either

  80. God's favour
    God's favour
    Mese fa

    😂😂😂😂😂this small kid 😂😂😂😂na small devil😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂kalistus you tried and passed the test but chicked go Finish you oooh fooooood ooooh

  81. Enow Esim Henrietta
    Enow Esim Henrietta
    Mese fa

    Weh kalistus and Food

  82. Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy
    Mese fa

    Well done Kalli , went looking for job but you eating food.... 😆 🤣 😂

  83. Shav & Ree
    Shav & Ree
    Mese fa

    Food gonna let you down lol

  84. Godwin Macphaline
    Godwin Macphaline
    Mese fa

    hunger tendency: Checked

  85. Suraj Ghule
    Suraj Ghule
    Mese fa

    Amazing. Just wondering why Kalistus wears the same shirt all the time...

  86. KID TYGA K.T
    Mese fa

    It's funny that kalistus eats in every episode 😂😂

  87. Eddy Uwanu
    Eddy Uwanu
    Mese fa

    King kali and food.. You see wetin food don cause you

  88. Abdoul Karim Fadiga
    Abdoul Karim Fadiga
    Mese fa

    Hey Kali, Why? Why? all but chicken ahahah :-)

  89. Frank Johnson's
    Frank Johnson's
    Mese fa

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  90. Ekoe Tayi
    Ekoe Tayi
    Mese fa

    Kali may God save you

  91. Rachide Langa
    Rachide Langa
    Mese fa

    Mozambique we on!

  92. abula ewata
    abula ewata
    Mese fa

    Who else feared Boma will spoil things for him when he was called as a referee....

  93. abula ewata
    abula ewata
    Mese fa

    At first I thought Kali is pulling this through, until boom rice and chicken were placed before over!

  94. Aayeblaze comedy
    Aayeblaze comedy
    Mese fa

    😂😂😂 ma I can explain 😂😂 it’s over

  95. ayobami seun
    ayobami seun
    Mese fa

    I already knw kalistus can't say no to food😂😂

  96. Cydal 14
    Cydal 14
    Mese fa

    Please do a collaboration with Prophet Rolex 😁😁😅😅😅

  97. STARRY B Comedy
    STARRY B Comedy
    Mese fa

    Apart from me, who else notice king likes eating food 😂😂😂🤣

  98. French Man
    French Man
    Mese fa

    As they put that food i know he will fail that one

  99. Muhwezi Brighton
    Muhwezi Brighton
    Mese fa

    The first test is what i would fail but others, i can't fail them

  100. Muganga Clement
    Muganga Clement
    Mese fa

    Hello Please may somebody tell the name of the song that was playing in this video