Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Skate [Official Music Video]

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The official music video for Silk Sonic's "Skate"

Skate out now:

Directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechard
Produced by Jeremy Sullivan
Cinematography by Tehillah De Castro
Co-Directed by Phil Tayag

In a room full of dimes you would be 100 dollars
If being fine was a crime, girl, they’d lock your lil’ fine ass up in a tower
The way you move like you do
Ooh it’s like you do it for a livin’
Do a lil’ spin, do it again - sshhiiiii
look like you playin’ for the win, OH BABY

I’m trynna roll, I’m trynna ride
I’m trynna float, I’m trynna glide
No no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

Got your hair in the wind and your skin glistening
I can smell your sweet perfume
Mmmm, ya smell better than a barbecue
Oh, superstar is what you are
I’m your biggest fan
if you’re lookin’ for a man, suga, here I am

I’m trynna roll, I’m trynna ride
I’m trynna float, I’m trynna glide
No no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight!

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

I never fall but tonight you got me falling for you, and only you, YOU
I’m reaching out in hopes that you reach for me too, girl, let’s groove

Girl, you got me singing ooooooohhhh
My oh my
My oh my
My oh my
My oh my

Oh, skate to me baby
Slide your way on over
Slide your way on over
Skate to me baby
I wanna get to know ya
I wanna get to know ya

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  1. Bruno Mars
    Bruno Mars
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    1. IBNO L’3ARABI TV☑️
      IBNO L’3ARABI TV☑️
      3 giorni fa

    2. Poliana R Costa
      Poliana R Costa
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      Um vício nessa música 🎶 levanto e é a primeira que escuto e assim segue ao longo dia..

    3. Thereminator101 Alan
      Thereminator101 Alan
      Mese fa

      If this song doesn't put a smile on your face...check your pulse! 😄

    4. Aim2Mobile
      Mese fa

      Luv u bro

    5. Cada Cual
      Cada Cual
      Mese fa

      I am from Latin America and you have made me dance. Thanks. I have enjoyed it.

  2. Bianca Araujo
    Bianca Araujo
    19 minuti fa

    Jesus te ama!!

  3. Paranav Kartthi
    Paranav Kartthi
    2 ore fa

    Bruno Mars best bts waste

  4. Katarína 523
    Katarína 523
    3 ore fa

    I keep on listening to this song for days. Great job👍🏻

  5. ยูอาบอง
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  6. Captain
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  7. Diego Calvo
    Diego Calvo
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    Alguien de Argentina🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  8. Mary Haynes
    Mary Haynes
    7 ore fa

    I love that this came out at a time when roller skating is a big part of my life. Definitely going into my skating playlists

  9. Louiz Bads
    Louiz Bads
    7 ore fa

    this isnt 80's music this is real music

  10. Michel Hooligan
    Michel Hooligan
    7 ore fa

    Im thankful for any artist who goes back in time and make music different from the pop stuff on the radio

  11. June June
    June June
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  12. carmen gonzalez
    carmen gonzalez
    7 ore fa

    Luv it

  13. Melanyrosita Dominguez
    Melanyrosita Dominguez
    8 ore fa

    I now back in the 70s

  14. topfunjoks
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  15. Space O
    Space O
    10 ore fa

    So the 70's threw up and we got Bruno Mars.

  16. G Hubbard
    G Hubbard
    10 ore fa

    They did it again! I’m trying to roll!❤️

  17. Vilma Eneida
    Vilma Eneida
    11 ore fa

    Não sou americano

  18. Chelsey Grigsby
    Chelsey Grigsby
    11 ore fa

    I love you Bruno mars I'm your biggest fan ❤💕

  19. ChiefRollinDice
    11 ore fa

    These dudes look like they are enjoying themselves! Love the music. Bruno is doing big things once again!

  20. Carlos Jordan
    Carlos Jordan
    12 ore fa

    Vc Br toca aqui ✋

  21. jaytheballerallstar
    14 ore fa

    Those of you who dislike this video what are you going through

  22. Anna Kakhniashvili
    Anna Kakhniashvili
    14 ore fa

    This is my favorite as well as leave the door open

  23. りさ
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  24. Stickman Lilsam
    Stickman Lilsam
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  25. coolbluesman
    16 ore fa

    This makes that Summertime cover by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff look like a bath drain job.

  26. a squishy jellyfish
    a squishy jellyfish
    18 ore fa

    why the hell bruno look like that summer vibing older brother of the weeknd, who currently look direct opposite with that 80s deep cold synthwave aesthetic. both look absolute crisp with their look tho...

  27. Sam Obiña
    Sam Obiña
    18 ore fa


    1. Moje Ťykťok
      Moje Ťykťok
      15 ore fa


  28. They Close Channels That Speak The Truth
    They Close Channels That Speak The Truth
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  29. Candy Harris
    Candy Harris
    19 ore fa

    They snapped on this one 🔥

  30. Emmanuel Aligway
    Emmanuel Aligway
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    I've always heard this in ads in facebook... and it's good

  31. Vanessa Robaina
    Vanessa Robaina
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  32. Alone I am
    Alone I am
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    From vietnam with love ♥♥

  33. RegRiz
    20 ore fa

    I love those dancers♡ theyre pretty and cool while skating TwT

  34. Vegan Vocalist
    Vegan Vocalist
    20 ore fa

    Awwwww man Bruno has grown on me in a BIG way , his positive sweet energy is so exuberant and infectious. His joyful spirit really shines through 😄 I just feel HAPPY when I hear him and see him

    20 ore fa

    Watching on 240p For 70's Vibes ❤️

  36. Janaina Do Carmo
    Janaina Do Carmo
    20 ore fa

    Sensacional hummnmmm ameiiiiiiii esse clipe e a coreografia a música show

  37. Renee Byrd
    Renee Byrd
    21 ora fa

    Silk Sonic, is what the Funk Brothers was to Motown. Keep the vibe going. It is awesome.

  38. Love Fiore Love
    Love Fiore Love
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  39. Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith
    22 ore fa

    😛🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥all For this COME ON THRU KIIINGS

  40. Fiorella Angela
    Fiorella Angela
    23 ore fa

    Let's continue in the Jackson'five style, amazing and beautiful :-)

  41. Jono Tong
    Jono Tong
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    14K watermelon-sugar-harry-styles sheeple disliked in colourless tastelessness.

  42. Marcus Playz
    Marcus Playz
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    Mars is back babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  43. Ced Trash
    Ced Trash
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    The sophisticated distance utrastructurally matter because tree intraperitonally contain amid a powerful hydrant. gigantic, spiritual table

  44. Stop using my account You clod
    Stop using my account You clod
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    Ah yes, an ad being good for once.

  45. PS8533 LIVE
    PS8533 LIVE
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  46. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    And I do have a crush on you

  47. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    My birthday is on February 19

  48. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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  49. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    Unturned 15 August 16 my event was August 6th

  50. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    Samantha Quevedo Torres Junior

  51. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    You know who I am Samantha Quevedo Torres that's who I am

  52. Samantha Quevedo
    Samantha Quevedo
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    Love you i Samantha Quevedo Torres

  53. Madeline Cedres
    Madeline Cedres
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    Wow 🤩 I luv it

  54. Alkali Man
    Alkali Man
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    bruno mars is actually a machine time.

  55. blind simon
    blind simon
    Giorno fa

    love me some conga drums

  56. Judah Amediku
    Judah Amediku
    Giorno fa

    Anyone else see the pattern, it's pretty obvious. He's gonna release the album on his birthday

  57. PatrickGamingTV
    Giorno fa

    I think we're back in the 70's because of Bruno Mars.

  58. King Enow
    King Enow
    Giorno fa 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  59. José Luís de Mattos
    José Luís de Mattos
    Giorno fa

  60. Brother Sevastus
    Brother Sevastus
    Giorno fa

    A very nice and fresh tune from amazing artists. Bruno Mars is one of the few pure talents in this world music industry. Capable to switch musical gendres

  61. B R I N K S
    B R I N K S
    Giorno fa

    This song is so underrated

  62. Sally M
    Sally M
    Giorno fa

    Simply amazing 😍👍💕

  63. Tr3x Music
    Tr3x Music
    Giorno fa

    I made my parents listen to this and they think this was really released from the 70s 😂

  64. RehynDrops Gonzalez
    RehynDrops Gonzalez
    Giorno fa

    Okg I love ur music bruno me and dad love ur music it always makes us more happier then we are already

  65. Ida Cole
    Ida Cole
    Giorno fa

    Omg my teetee loves the thos song

    Giorno fa

    Hello MY Permanent IDOL?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  67. nicolas hernandez
    nicolas hernandez
    Giorno fa

    Bruno Mars went from 2010's to 90's, 80's and now 70's, is a totally fan of Nostalgia

  68. Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant
    Giorno fa

    Bruno Mars really did travel back in time…hasn’t aged a bit

  69. ZakxKenshin
    Giorno fa

    Bruno: I WANT to get to KNOooow ya The boys, and me: I want to get to Know ya.. ye

  70. Mar Gross
    Mar Gross
    Giorno fa

    Listening everyday

  71. brezzing
    Giorno fa

    f k a!!! just found this playing my sat night motown,new song 2 dance to. shit i haven't had my rollors on in 60 yr i agree, grammy tune 2 bm.thanks. oh, cc to the man. charlie wilson.

  72. ALEX Lindao
    ALEX Lindao
    Giorno fa

    No se que dice pero se escucha linda !!

  73. Link
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  74. dieter rosswag
    dieter rosswag
    Giorno fa

    Bruno looks always like a little rooster checking chicks

  75. Smile Film!!
    Smile Film!!
    Giorno fa

    0:53 1:53 Wakanda Forever 🖤🖤

  76. Cindy Givens
    Cindy Givens
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    I love this song

  77. Bryan Ngassa
    Bryan Ngassa
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    More than a treasure 🤩🤩🤩 Th are really amazing Wunderbares lied

  78. Cake walk
    Cake walk
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    i love this song ❤️ it's so good man!!! keep it up bruno mars. your so talented :D

  79. francine white
    francine white
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    I love ❤️❤️ Love 💕 it!

  80. Felicia Mitchell
    Felicia Mitchell
    Giorno fa

    Feel good music...this is what we need right now with all the chaos!

  81. LaFlame
    Giorno fa

    Why is bruno mars called bruno mars and not Bruno snickers

  82. Kain
    Giorno fa

    these harmonics man, the chord progression everything is so pure

  83. Lori Blythe
    Lori Blythe
    Giorno fa

    I have to play this song everyday. It gets me going!!

  84. Raphael Nunes
    Raphael Nunes
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  85. Karen Delinski
    Karen Delinski
    Giorno fa

    Damn dude!! Lifelong motown DEVOTEE HERE! You brought me a song so damn perfect it’s like Quincy wrote and Stevie produced while Barry nodded approvingly. This is nothing short of flat out BEING motown. I cannot stop spinning it. It brings the Temptations roaring back to life.

  86. Redd-Pill Brother
    Redd-Pill Brother
    Giorno fa

    I wonder where this video was filmed?

  87. Cold French Fry 5 S.E.
    Cold French Fry 5 S.E.
    Giorno fa

    Does anyone else feel like Bruno Mars writes some songs that cross the line of what is admiring women and what is not? Cause some of them makes me feel uncomfortable.

  88. Grace Dormal
    Grace Dormal
    Giorno fa

    What a good song

  89. blackmusicman51 frazier
    blackmusicman51 frazier
    2 giorni fa

    The whole melanation of it all it magical and beautiful!!! ❤️ That these two black men recognize and understand to represent their black chocolate women

  90. gators697
    2 giorni fa

    bruno x anderson. godamn so lit

  91. Silvia Alcouffe
    Silvia Alcouffe
    2 giorni fa

    Very good vibe, inspiration from Barry white.....I love the flow

  92. MATRIX DO ALÉM Observador
    MATRIX DO ALÉM Observador
    2 giorni fa

    Bela música. Balanço, bem arranjada e com uma boa melodia.

  93. Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander
    2 giorni fa

    Does the video mess up for anyone else???

  94. Jay Cal
    Jay Cal
    2 giorni fa

    my inner Denzel W. is dancing and grooving..

  95. JavierM3
    2 giorni fa

    Drums are heat