Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With STUTTER, They Live To Regret It | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With STUTTER
07:54 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Dhar Mann
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Ruben Ortiz / Rushikesh Bhadane / Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Ruben Ortiz
Composer: Milo Cantor
Senior Managers: Ruben Ortiz and Tony Corsini
Pre-Production Manager: Kat Davila
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons, Kevin Svec
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar, Alexander Pacillas, Allan Dave Castro
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant, Vaibhav Arora, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Noel Palacios / Brian Sly

Paula - Luci Grisafe
Meghan - Charlotte Pulley
Gordon - Nick Shields
Steven - Ethan Patricio
Teacher (Mr. Jackson) - Colin Borden
Student 1 - Keilahni Dixon
Student 2 - Mikaella Lopez
Student 3 - Iyyonce Love
Student 4 - Orion Hunter
Student 5 - Roman Cabaong
Student 7 - Brilana Bae
Student 8 - Carson Hammond
Student 9 - Andrew Rodriguez
Student 10 - Julian Vidaurrazaga
Student 11 - Anica Alexander
Student 12 - Tatianna Areizaga
Student 13 - Isabella Hudson
Student 14 - Ariyah Johnson
Sally - Kiarra Beasley
Teacher 2 - Yvonne Miranda
Teacher 3 - Donerick Rainey


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    Dhar Mann
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    1. Liam Rodriguez
      Liam Rodriguez
      2 giorni fa

      That story so nice it made me cry I’m crying right now thank you you’re not just telling stories with changing lives

    2. John Dupree
      John Dupree
      4 giorni fa


    3. ♡︎𝙻𝚊𝙻𝚒𝚜𝚊♡︎
      6 giorni fa

      That's so mean but this video is important for bullyes

    4. Charief Outhman
      Charief Outhman
      14 giorni fa

      Can you make me my own Mars and give me one of it please 🥺

    5. Liam pevec
      Liam pevec
      16 giorni fa

      Dhar im big fam!!😍😍🙃👑 your amazing guy! And were not just teling stories were chainging lives😍😍💪🏻

  2. Josef Mangaser
    Josef Mangaser
    16 minuti fa

    funny story the teacher got fired from the job then went to the school call rest home and died and came back to life. the end

  3. Maid Mesic
    Maid Mesic
    32 minuti fa

    That Teacher had stutter and couldnt spell woq

  4. Alwin Lavarias
    Alwin Lavarias
    33 minuti fa

    R- R- R- Respect the Pe- people And t- t- t- treat the people t- t- t- the way you wanna be t- t- t- treated

  5. Maid Mesic
    Maid Mesic
    35 minuti fa

    Steven thinks orange man bad

  6. Mr Albert PL
    Mr Albert PL
    Ora fa

    Dhar is the best

  7. Femi Mjomba
    Femi Mjomba
    Ora fa

    I hate that stupid paula

  8. gamila.
    2 ore fa

    "now be quiet before i start making fun of your ugly jacket." me: "be quiet before i start making fun of your ugly attitude."

  9. Daniel Grace
    Daniel Grace
    2 ore fa

    Outside country school students :- make fun of students in front of teachers and they don't do anything. Indian schools (idk if all of them do that or not but my one does that so) :- principles office and get suspended for a whole week and no student can give when work has been sont in classes for him yo suffer.

  10. Tristan Malleni
    Tristan Malleni
    4 ore fa

    Saddest part is most presidents do it for the money after their presidential term Hopfully that kid isnt doing it for the money

  11. koro-sensei
    5 ore fa

    My teacher always tells me in online classes i stutter but I dont

  12. Big SadNess
    Big SadNess
    7 ore fa

    You can tell he is faking the studdering but it’s great

  13. blue
    7 ore fa

    Princess Paula, more like Petty Paula!

  14. Calvin Lam
    Calvin Lam
    8 ore fa

    My cuz have stutter

  15. Harrie Noni
    Harrie Noni
    8 ore fa

    The steady kiss phylogentically harm because leo proximally attach near a eatable hand. motionless, red apparatus

  16. Xavier Risbud
    Xavier Risbud
    9 ore fa

    Ayo steve got on aj 1s drippy!

  17. M MTK
    M MTK
    11 ore fa

    Everyone:bully me Me: sharingan Me:y'all dumasses are finished

  18. Naomi gamer the dark Angel
    Naomi gamer the dark Angel
    12 ore fa


  19. Ognjen Djuric
    Ognjen Djuric
    12 ore fa

    I have friend like that and if i she the girl do this i will beat her up i know i will go to prison but she is a idiot

  20. Jonathan M.
    Jonathan M.
    13 ore fa

    Who found this hidden message: “Up here we have our most expensive liquors”

  21. Emery Pendleton
    Emery Pendleton
    13 ore fa

    Stevan: Why You Why You Bullin Me Me: IDK There So Mean

  22. jessica ingram
    jessica ingram
    13 ore fa

    Don't vote for her she's mean

  23. jessica ingram
    jessica ingram
    13 ore fa

    I I have stutter

  24. michelle langridge
    michelle langridge
    14 ore fa

    I have stutter

  25. George Gonzalez
    George Gonzalez
    14 ore fa

    I would vote for Steven if he would run for United states

  26. Mr Oliver None
    Mr Oliver None
    14 ore fa

    3:47 the answer is obvious, if i were the teacher, i'd say *I am tired of those girls, i ama suspend them forever*

  27. Agent 1569
    Agent 1569
    16 ore fa

    The guy who plays the teacher is so positive all the time

  28. Carla Sanchez
    Carla Sanchez
    17 ore fa


  29. Carla Sanchez
    Carla Sanchez
    17 ore fa


  30. Caroline Gordon
    Caroline Gordon
    18 ore fa

    The crown that you deserved fell off the second it got put on your head.

  31. shosho A
    shosho A
    18 ore fa

    I’m like a nerd it doesn’t mean someone is a nerd and the true thing I think I’m popular I THINK but I have glasses and I’m not a mean one I’m a kind one before always when I come from school I just go to the couch put my hands on my face then cry then after I finish crying I tell mom and dad and I don’t wanna be really pretty I’m not like I’M a PrInCeSs no I’m like kind and I was gonna vote for Steven I’m so happy that he became and he told someone the same thing as his teacher said :)))

  32. Mclaren gaming
    Mclaren gaming
    18 ore fa


  33. Daniela Ndukaire
    Daniela Ndukaire
    21 ora fa

    Dharman the for making this vid i stutter alot and this really helped

  34. GamingWithDgm*199*
    21 ora fa

    Joe Biden = Rapper Like Joe Budden

  35. Renat Kurniawan
    Renat Kurniawan
    21 ora fa

    this sucks man

  36. bruce strang
    bruce strang
    22 ore fa

    Please show them

  37. Mk Musthafa
    Mk Musthafa
    22 ore fa

    Her:cause I’m popular and pretty Everyone: ;-; Her only one friend: 👏

  38. Proseq Tango
    Proseq Tango
    Giorno fa


  39. Shark Gamerz
    Shark Gamerz
    Giorno fa

    I had stutter but I also had a teacher like Steven she helped me a lot and now I can say everything now and nobody bullies me now yay (finally someone can tell how it feels)

  40. wildr4g3
    Giorno fa

    The sticky cherries neurochemically blush because blue startlingly exercise than a tiresome baseball. childlike, wholesale top

  41. Jack Winston
    Jack Winston
    Giorno fa

    I have stuttering problems But yet I still like videos IThello videos This video About the man posted Really means a lot so Go darn man

  42. Nurulsheeda 7866
    Nurulsheeda 7866
    Giorno fa

    i voted for steven

  43. Daepixgamir BS
    Daepixgamir BS
    Giorno fa

    I’m not a fan of these vids but if I was that Steven kid I would drop kick that little girl throw a few punches undercut end it on with a jab and a haircut named off of a cheap number three

  44. Mia-Rose Power
    Mia-Rose Power
    Giorno fa

    Omg I’m crying

  45. Camdenbearskinlichty
    Giorno fa

    I want to end b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b b bb b bb bb b b b bullying

  46. Brody
    Giorno fa

    I think I’m addicted to these videos

  47. Swag Clan
    Swag Clan
    Giorno fa

    yo i feel like that girl at the end that also had the stutter would be a perfect match for Steven

  48. ゾロウィーブさんゼニツ
    Giorno fa

    "i e love that " lol

  49. Be You•Nique w/ Laura Yellow Status Presenter
    Be You•Nique w/ Laura Yellow Status Presenter
    Giorno fa

    Make a funny you you're not talking here everybody want me honey change your voice and nobody want to make

  50. Gurcharan Singh
    Gurcharan Singh
    Giorno fa

    i had stutter before and kids were making fun of me but then it stopped i can relate to this

  51. John Neeley
    John Neeley
    Giorno fa

    I stutter in real life and I can relate. It's not as bad now as it was when I was a kid, but I can still relate

  52. Viki Y
    Viki Y
    Giorno fa

    This reminds me of Shay and Ally during the class election from the book Fish in a Tree. She's talking about how rich she is and like literally the only person who voted for her was like her follower

  53. Gershon Apostel
    Gershon Apostel
    Giorno fa

    W to be a good 😊 and not the only person that has the same name as the other man who was a great friend to the best of my family and cronies a new one and a friend of a young man and I was with the best family ever and the best I ever had to say love ❤️ on the world of the earth 🌏

  54. Gershon Apostel
    Gershon Apostel
    Giorno fa

    Transfer of a new iPhone and a new app for a new iPad game and not a new iPhone 📱 game play it is not the game for the

  55. Amogus
    Giorno fa

    It’s not nice to make fun of people hey why would u do that Paula: bEcAuSe YoU dEsErVeD iT

  56. Pilot
    Giorno fa


  57. Madelynn DeGrace
    Madelynn DeGrace
    Giorno fa

    Mended sms did for her for didn’t sosbsjdmsbd

  58. Kristi Ward
    Kristi Ward
    Giorno fa

    Bully: your ugly You: I don’t want to hear the conversations you have with your mirror

    1. Iana Blajievschi
      Iana Blajievschi
      15 ore fa

      its 2021, get better "roasts".

  59. Kristi Ward
    Kristi Ward
    Giorno fa

    Paula: I’m pretty vote for me Mirror: I wish I didn’t have eyes!

  60. Monica Mistrè
    Monica Mistrè
    Giorno fa

    0:05 i mean ive seen prettyer girls

  61. Simran Dhiman
    Simran Dhiman
    Giorno fa

    Steven is literally me every time I have hiccups lol

  62. Kelsey Wilkinson
    Kelsey Wilkinson
    Giorno fa


  63. Spider Nate
    Spider Nate
    Giorno fa

    She’s making fun of him for stuttering which I stutter sometimes when she acts like a little 7 year old that wears a princess crown everyday. That’s sad thinking you’re a princess because you have a dumb hat on.

  64. Justin Richter
    Justin Richter
    Giorno fa

    I'm 35 years old with a stutter I've had my whole life. I've been bullied from k-12 and in my adult life. My bullies in school were not the boys in my class but the girls. Now that I'm an adult i find that males are more accepting of my stutter than females. I've been called retard, mental case, freak, and the list goes on. Idk why men are more accepting of my stutter than women. I've tried getting a girlfriend but it always ends up with me being insulted. This video hits home for me

  65. Retr0 Here
    Retr0 Here
    Giorno fa

    Stevie looks so much like me

  66. advik tondepu
    advik tondepu
    Giorno fa

    Paula such a jerk 6:38

  67. Rebeca Serban
    Rebeca Serban
    Giorno fa

    The girl was making me Super mad😡

  68. rae ludiansa
    rae ludiansa
    Giorno fa

    00:07 And im not voting not only because you are mean but because i didnt hear anything

  69. rae ludiansa
    rae ludiansa
    Giorno fa

    I have the stutter to but not as bad as Stevens but seriously i have a bad stutter at the worst times

  70. Kuywasa
    Giorno fa

    It's always the ugly girls with narcissistic personality traits. Lol

  71. Ernie Gaming
    Ernie Gaming
    Giorno fa

    I actually used to deal with stuttering and kinda still do

  72. Julia Isabelle Badong
    Julia Isabelle Badong
    Giorno fa

    when i saw the girl stutter and then i was looking to her when she sit she was lauging to steven

  73. NamikaZe
    Giorno fa


  74. Christina Ropati
    Christina Ropati
    Giorno fa

    if i was stephen i would say how are you going to end bullying when you are a bully

  75. Pianomi
    Giorno fa

    Is there only 1 class in this entire school

  76. olena
    Giorno fa

    she says vote for me because im popular and pretty but what bullies get is this speech because im not popular and im pretty ugly

  77. yoyo / soso YT
    yoyo / soso YT
    Giorno fa

    Why does every dhar Mann video need to have title where at the end it says “lives to regret it”

  78. roblox addict
    roblox addict
    2 giorni fa

    Why did 3:52 make me cry?

  79. Edrian Francis Blanquiza
    Edrian Francis Blanquiza
    2 giorni fa

    I always use to stutter but I stopped stuttering

  80. Amy Williams
    Amy Williams
    2 giorni fa

    Awwww this story is so cute 🥰 and Steven is so cool inside and out and that mean girl is wrong 😑 she’s mean

  81. tesla lover
    tesla lover
    2 giorni fa

    Pause at this part 0:55

  82. cough playz
    cough playz
    2 giorni fa

    I like four eyes glasses

  83. cough playz
    cough playz
    2 giorni fa

    Maybe he has hiccups instead of stutter

  84. cough playz
    cough playz
    2 giorni fa

    Me after getting bullied: Where gun

  85. cough playz
    cough playz
    2 giorni fa

    Didnt saw four eyes glasses

  86. MalikFrmDaO
    2 giorni fa

    2:47 *bro I just realized.. His shoes cost more than paula’s whole fit.*

  87. rookaya el-cheikh
    rookaya el-cheikh
    2 giorni fa

    I tell u what is funny when the boy is saying bulling and the girl said it is bulling for crying out loud she is bullying Hahahahahahahahh

  88. monette pedotera
    monette pedotera
    2 giorni fa

    i hate da fat person

  89. Lj_redskin
    2 giorni fa

    All the other girls in the school was prettier the bully

  90. MuscleMilk -
    MuscleMilk -
    2 giorni fa

    this video is influenced by the republicans cuz they said “stuttering joe biden” and hes a democrat

  91. FrenzioGeo
    2 giorni fa

    that girl is a ginger she already lost all arguments against her

  92. wantcookies99
    2 giorni fa

    those 2 peepopel at the end would take like an hour to finish a conversation troll face

  93. Laney Home
    Laney Home
    2 giorni fa

    Dude....the makeup artists covered up Paula’s freckles. I know her in real life and she loves them (btw she goes to my school and she’s in my choir) her real names luci...she’s super nice like the opposite of Paula lol but it still sucks they covered them up.💔

  94. artificial_Pinewood
    2 giorni fa


  95. Leann Joseph
    Leann Joseph
    2 giorni fa

    American girls always rude and dont know there place. They always bossing around someone child and worse yet if they can't defend themselves. Paula own friend vote for Steven. PS. You can be who you want to be if you work hard at it.💙🙏🏽💚😊

  96. Kiera Hunt
    Kiera Hunt
    2 giorni fa

    Please Paula only like one person who clapped *loser* and Steven belive in your self

  97. Steven Portis
    Steven Portis
    2 giorni fa

    Paula: be quiet before I start making fun of your ugly jacket Me: that’s like the coolest jacket I’ve ever seen.